Things to know before planning for Spiti!

Planning for Spiti valley started as we plan for Goa now-a-days. That’s what I avoided and I opted for an impromptu plan. Impromptu plans are sometimes full of surprises as we aren’t ready for what’s coming next, but be rest assured that it will never be disappointing.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.


So, now when we analyse in hindsight we had started saving from a long time. Also, during the due course of time i had gained a taste for cinematography and photography. I watch a lot of travel vloggers who show their experiences through their perspectives and it was very intriguing. They had their fun and experiences shared in a unique way which inspired me a lot to learn about photography and videography. This in turn has helped me develop photography as a hobby which will be very helpful for the future years as well. And this is when I decided to capture my experience and share it with my fellow travellers so that it is helpful and my mistakes aren’t repeated.

Spiti Valley through the flags
Just a teaser of what is coming up!

Recently, I had the privilege to visit Spiti valley and capture the roller-coaster of emotions that all went through. Stay tuned for the upcoming blogs which will take you theoretically through the place. Given the current situations travelling wouldn’t be possible. I’ll obviously take you virtually through the ride and you won’t regret it! It is like a whole different place in winter and we shall travel during the peak winters too. But until that time stay safe and peace!

Stay tuned for the blogs and the video !

Watch the video:

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