Chitkul-The last village of India

Unlike the urban etiquette, we started off early by 6:00am with breathtaking views from our balcony, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, calm and serene into the woods. It was all going great until we stepped and saw that our tyre was flat. Although, it didn’t take up much of our time but surely was worrisome given the roads that we were going to explore.

Morning tea with magnificent view of the mountains and small Narkanda city.
Morning tea with magnificent view of the mountains.

We started off by visiting the Hatu temple. The ride was bumpy, a little of the off-road experience but surely classy. Fog all around, pleasant weather, the sound of wind whispering through the trees and the birds chirping were all music to the ears, the best combination anyone could ask for. The next destination was Royal, Magnificent and Majestic, The Padam Palacealso known as The door of Timeless Royalty. And oh boy, they surely kept their end of the bargain. The entry was quite confusing due to commercialization of the place and with no parking we were instantly reminded of the city but the city dwellers know how to squeeze in a parking spot. All around was herbaceous border, with a gazebo at one end and a stunning fountain right at the center which has long been seen as symbolic of the ambrosia of eternity.

We then had set out on our journey to Chitkul since we had to reach by 7 given the condition of roads. It was raining all through the evening and we were skeptical on reaching our destination as the sun set on us. With the mountain on one side and the valley on the other and only our headlights lighting the path, we kept on moving trusting the google maps and following the sound of the raging river. It was scary and adventurous at the same time and we were on the edge of the seat until we reached the last village of India –Chitkul. We had a warm welcome at the hotel followed by amazing dinner and we all went to our rooms and slept with the river sounds which was nowhere to be seen as it was pitch dark with no street lights as well.

Pro Travelling TipStart your trip as early as possible, and reach your final destination before sunset. Learnt this the hard way!

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